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3270 Conleys Creek Rd.Whitter, NC 28789

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Timberlake Family Campground


Whittier, NC

Timberlake Campground is not hard to find. Take Exit 72 off Route 74. Turn left at the hardware store onto Main Street and cross the river and rail road track. Then, turn left and go under the overpass. After the overpass, immediately turn right for one block ONLY. Turn left onto Conleys Creek Road and go 3.5 miles.

Route 23-74 is also called the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway.

Timberlake Campground
3270 Conleys Creek Rd.
Whittier, NC 28789
(828) 497-7320

Timberlake Campground & RV Park

150 acres of home in the Great Smoky Mountains. Contact us to book your stay today.

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(828) 497-7320

3270 Conleys Creek Rd.
Whitter, NC 28789

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