There are so many activities waiting for you under the water.

Take a part of our regular weekly ping pong tournaments!

Camp has more than 50 different interesting table games!

Enjoy the Baseball at our campground with professionals!

There are so many entertainments that await you in the fresh air.

Take a part of our regular weekly golf tournaments!

There are more than 15 different places to relax in the camp!

Enjoy the Basketball at our campground with professionals!

The experience can last from 45 seconds …to several minutes.

To access it, hike above the caves trails up to the top of the escarpment.

Timberlake Campground & RV Park

150 acres of home in the Great Smoky Mountains. Contact us to book your stay today.

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3270 Conleys Creek Rd.
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Rules & Pet Policies

Here are Timberlake Campground's Rules, Pet Policies, and suggestions for happy camping.

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